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Shri Basaveshwar Sahakari Bank Niyamita, Bagalkot

We Respect You and Your Money

Link you Aadhar Card to Your Account                              • Deposit Insurance credit guarantee Corporation, Mumbai Guaranteed the Deposit Rs. 1.Lack First Rupay User (ATM Network)                             • Ours the First ATM Network in Karnataka which is enabled with Rupay (which is our ATMs can accept all bank cards in India and our customer can withdraw money from any ATMs in India)

PROUD TO SAY our work so far?

• 454.63 Crores Deposit
• 272.89 Crores Loan & Advances
• 536.24 Crores Working Capital
• 16.26 Crores Share Capital
• 51.29 Crores Reserve Fund
• 16.20 CRAR       • 0.00% NPA  
• 3.51 Crores Net Profit     • 17 Branches
• 07 ATM’s


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SMS Banking
24X7 using our alerts and requests services
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RTGS Facility
Real Time Gross Settlement Facility
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Core Banking
Networking of branches
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All Branches have E-Stamping Facility
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Rupay ATM debit card
Our ATM Cards used all over India
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17 Branches in all over Karnataka
17 Branches
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7 ATMs Connected to NFS
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Basaveshwar Bank Circle, Sector No.25,
Navanagar, BAGALKOT – 587 103

08354 - 235311

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